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WhatsAppShop Features

Our Vibrant Features

  • Create your own online shop
  • Instance single click setup
  • Easy to operate on mobile devices
  • Easy to share on all social media with scheduling
  • Nothing to download to your client
  • Will not consume any memory space on clients device
  • Add Unlimited products
  • Create deals & offers for each products and customers
  • This is a Progressive Web Application
  • View how many people are watching you LIVE !!
  • Create Offers on most viewed Products
  • Show your products LIVE to your clients
  • Send customized message to your clients for better results
  • Promote your AFFILIATE LINKS !!

Why choose us?

Your own customized online shop with your own rules with no commission on sale + affiliate links to promote your business at your space.

In India whatsapp is used by over 1.5 billion people 39.1% of people use whatsapp for average 1 to 2 hours daily.

From business prospective its a gold mine to tap our potential and buying customers directly with their own pace and convenience.

Thewhatsappshop uses this potential to create more clients for you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here you will get the solution of the common queries arises while being a part of thewhatsappshop community.

  • The Whatsappshop is a single destination to promote your business locally as well as globally with minimum of efforts with your own convience and target your potential customers directly using their inbox to promote and enhanced your products visibility.

  • Great Question!! We have been asking this question several times and will be great pleasure to try to help you out million dollar question is why your business is not increasing?

    let me try to share some business do's and dont's

    • Less exposure to your products and services to end users who are highly potential and easy targetable.
    • Other sources to promote your business are highly expensive and time consuming whereas thewhatsappshop is very cheaper and extremely easy to use while having a cup of tea
  • Yes!!! definetly you can share,but everytime you have to select product images and then share them.It would consume data and space on clients device.Which will be annoying.

    You can not determine user has any interest in your product it is not possible to find out which product is more appealing and easy for conversion.

    It would be rather very difficuilt to create your own affiliate links to promote your own product or services.

  • Did not to worry, thewhatsappshop will help you to upload the products. It will be chargeable and the charges will be nominal.

  • We will solve this issue for you. We will send a professional photographer and he will click pictures of your products and our team will take care of rest of the process. It would be chargeable. Please read out our pricing details or contact our support team for further details.

  • No problem!!! We will guide you in how to acquire contact list also we will provide you phone numbers of potentail clients (It would be chargeable).

  • No need... You can operate everything from your mobile. We will provide you an Android APP with the help of this app you can schedule your customized messages with deals and offers periodically.

    Additionally if you are having employees and if you ask them to share you online shop it will multiply your business.